Will Tesla deliver Model Y in February? The rumor mill boils over

The signs are thickening, the rumor mill is bubbling: There are new signs that Tesla’s new litter, the Model Y, is coming onto the streets very soon instead of in the summer of this year.

We recently reported that there are increasing signs of an early release of Tesla’s Model Y. Tesla had received the range certification from the California environmental agency CARB (California Air Resource Board) for the Tesla Model Y.

In the past, around one month usually passed between the range certification of the CARB and the release of the model.

Now Reddit user u/Quaf4 has poured fresh oil into the pans and pots of the rumor mill with a post: he reports that he received a call from a Tesla employee who announced the impending delivery of his Model Y.

Upon further demand from the Reddit user, the Tesla employee confirmed that the delivery of the performance variant of the Model Y would start next month and that the long-range all-wheel-drive variant should, therefore, take place in March or April.

Tesla “hits the jackpot in terms of production efficiency”

According to Teslarati, if the rumors are confirmed, Tesla may have “hit the jackpot for production efficiency.” The electric crossover Model Y should finally go into production in autumn 2020, then the start of production was brought forward to summer this year.

Now it looks like the pre-orderers of Model Y could get their vehicle earlier than expected.

During an event that recently took place at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla is using advanced production processes to produce Model Y in China:

“Model Y is built with some of the advanced production technologies we use in the future. I think it will be exciting to be able to showcase and learn about the production techniques associated with Model Y”

Said Musk, according to Teslarati, during the event.

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The Tesla Gigafactory in Fremont, California is responsible for the production of the Model Y, but the Model Y is currently being prepared in Shanghai.

When the Gigafactory in Berlin is finished, 150,000 units of the car will also be built there at the start of production.


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Will Tesla deliver Model Y in February? The rumor mill boils over

The signs are thickening, the rumor mill is bubbling: There are new signs that Tesla's new litter, the Model Y, is coming...

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