Why Tesla: 5 Awesome Things about Tesla cars

what’s so special about Tesla cars? Well, a lot of people are asking this question because model 3 is getting ready for mass production. There are more and more Model S and Model X cars on the road.

So let me tell you about 5 different things that why Tesla cars have become such a successful company? And why so many more people are finding out and falling in love with it.

Alright, so what makes this look so special?


After all, this is the first company in a long time to kind of start from scratch and become as successful as many other companies that have been in business for many years. And it’s only getting better it’s only growing so.

First of all, if you think about it when you looked at the electric cars that were made before Tesla Model S and even now, most people agree that BMW i3 needs to leave even Chevy Volt is just not a big good-looking not very appealing cars.

Well, when people look at Model S and even Model X and definitely model 3 as more and more pictures are circulating on the internet. People are agreeing that is just simply a good looking electric car.

So, the design was the number one thing that has won people over and continues winning people over as more and more models are being presented by Tesla.

The number two is you know the biggest problem with electric cars has always been “Range”


Nobody wanted to buy a car that only goes 80 miles on one charge. Because you can’t really get that far. People who drive average a number of miles per day have range anxiety when they drive a regular electric car like Nissan Leaf or BMW i3.

But with Tesla range just sort of disappeared as a problem. Because even if you drive a lot you know when you have 300 miles in your tank. That’s more than enough and when you travel long distance there’s a humongous supercharger network that’s still growing in the United States in Europe and in many other countries and continents. It stopped being a problem, you can travel on a Tesla, as a matter of fact, it’s free especially for most Tesla owners at least at this point.

So range has definitely had has been a winner specifically for Tesla’s electric cars, and that’s why that concern that a lot of people had about it and still have about other brands that produce electric cars has been taken out of the equation by Tesla.

Number three is Tesla cars technology


You know this is the first time people feel like their cars are technology gadgets you know the first thing that they notice when they get in inside of the cars: “Hey look at the huge iPad”.

The technology is right in front of them, everything’s tight, the touchscreen takes care of most of the things that interface. It is very modern and many other technologies that Tesla kind of combined in this one a very unique concept and that is why Tesla cars impress people.

And it keeps getting better and better now we’re talking about autopilot we’re talking about self-parking and many other features that is just pure technology and people love that.

It’s no longer a car it’s sort of their car and a cell phone sort of merged in one and that’s the concept that a lot of people just kind of fell in love with.

The fourth is definitely the performance


You maybe know that before Tesla cars and especially before Tesla Model 3. If you want a true performance you have to spend a lot of money -Even for what Model S and muddle X does with their top-performing cars like P 100 D- you would still have to get a Ferrari in order to kind of match that or something ridiculously expensive.

But now you can drive even though this is a hundred thousand dollar car, it still is an amazing performer compared to pretty much everybody else

But once model 3 comes out that’s definitely an affordable electric car can still be extremely powerful. And that’s because of the way Tesla has put it together and many other technologies.

The last one is the fact that Tesla cars are the only cars that actually parts of it get better with time.

Tesla update version 10.0

Yep, because of the over-the-air updates much like your cell phone the operating system gets better more apps that you see on the phone that gets updated.

You can check the 9 Awesome Updates in Tesla Software Version 10.0

And sometimes you have new features even though you have the same actual car. You don’t have to buy another car to get a lot of these features.

Maybe with autopilot hardware, you kind of have to graduate into a different car if you want the latest software to work. But at the same time, the improvement to performance and many other features will continue to happen over-the-air.

So that’s the 5 things that distinguish Tesla and that’s why people are now thinking more and more about this brand. Because it’s kind of reinvented the auto markets. It’s car 2.0 it’s kind of acting like your cell phone that you’re already like except for now :).



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