The Ultimate Guide to Order Tesla Model 3 Online

So this is an ultimate beginner’s guide to order Tesla Model 3. we’ll tell you everything you need to know from customizing your tesla model 3 online to some tips to get tesla model 3 for cheap.

We’ll also talk about what is your options and how to charge tesla model 3 at home/garage/supercharger. So, by the time you finish this article you should know exactly:

  • What Tesla Model 3 is all about?
  • How to order Tesla Model 3 online?
  • Is Tesla Model 3 a good fit for you?
  • How to get Tesla for cheap?
  • How to charge tesla at home/garage?

If you’re thinking about ordering any Tesla cars. You have 3 options:

1.1. Custom order: This is where you customize and order Tesla Model 3 online or any Tesla cars. In this case, Tesla will build your car from scratch (and that is what we going to walk you through).

1.2. Existing inventory: Here you can search for a new or used Tesla Model 3 for sale, you can filter the search from the left sidebar by:

  • Models ( Model S, Model 3, Model X)
  • Inventory Type ( Used or New)
  • Trim (75D, 90D, Stander Range, Long Range, Performance, …)
  • Exterior Paint
  • Interior Color
  • Wheels
  • Vehicle History (Clean History or Previously Repaired)
  • Autopilot
  • Warranty
  • Seat Layout

1.3. Visit a Store: if you just like the traditional way, Tesla has many stores and galleries all over the world and you can check those in this map.

1. Tesla Model 3 Overview

The Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric vehicle, meaning you never have to buy gas again which is really nice. Tesla Model 3 is currently the most affordable Tesla vehicle available. it’s one of the best-selling mid-size premium sedans in the USA.

Tesla Model 3 made of aluminum and steel scoring 5 stars in every single safety category. And it scored the lowest probability of injury by any car ever tested by the NHTSA.




Small overlap front, driver side


Frontal, driver

Adult occupant

36.7 pts / 96%

Adult occupant

36.70 pts / 96%

Small overlap front, passenger side


Frontal, passenger

Child occupant

42.3 Pts / 86%

Child occupant

42.88 Pts / 87%

Moderate overlap front


Side, driver

Vulnerable Road Users

35.7 Pts / 74%

Vulnerable Road Users

35.69 Pts / 74%



Side, passenger

Driver assist

12.3 Pts / 94%

Driver assist

12.35 Pts / 94%

Roof strength


Side pole, driver

Head restraints & seats





Front crash prevention


So Tesla Model 3 is the safest cars ever produced.

Crash test for Tesla Model 3 Long Range from Tesla youtube channel

Tesla Model 3 also has many unique design elements including:

  • An all-glass roof.
  • 15-inch Center amount of touchscreen display that controls pretty much everything.
  • A sleek exterior that focuses on maximizing aerodynamics.

If you need to know more about Tesla cars we recommend this: Why Tesla: 5 Awesome Things about Tesla cars

Let’s walk now through the design process and show you how to order the Tesla Model 3, and which options you want to consider.

2. Designing & Ordering Tesla Model 3

So we’re going to walk you through the whole entire online design process to order Tesla Model 3.

First, you should go to or you can use a referral link to get 6 months of a free supercharger.

2.1. Car (Battery and Motor)

This option is the most important choice when you order Tesla Model 3 or any Tesla car, that you’ll make for your Model 3 because it determines what kind of motor and battery that you have.

Right now currently there are 3 available configurations for a Tesla Model 3. Tesla is constantly changing and tweaking its pricing and options. For that make sure you visit their website at for the most up-to-date info. Right now there is:

  • The Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive the Standard Rang Plus which starts out at $33,690 and it has a range of 250 miles of range, 0-60 in 5.3s. And that’s their lowest tier right now.
  • The Tesla Model 3 The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range starts out at $42,690 and it has a range of 322 miles of range, 0-60 in 4.4s.
  • The Tesla Model 3 The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance starts out at $50,690 and it has a range of 310 miles of range, 0-60 in 3.2s.
Tesla Model 3 lineup comparison Stander Plus - Long Range - Performance
Tesla Model 3 Comparison between 3 lineups (Stander Plus – Long Range – Performance)

So as you can tell, you’re going to have at least a budget of around $35,000 if you’re considering to buy Tesla Model 3.

But, you should know that all these Tesla Model 3 prices are before tax incentives.

We recommend the second choice Tesla Model 3 The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range, non-Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. Because we think that 322 miles of range are one of the biggest advantages of the Tesla Model 3. Especially if you’re taking road trips, and driving traveling quite often.

Having 322 miles of range is really beneficial for anybody who’s transitioning to an electric vehicle. Because you want as much range as possible.

The range is King when it comes to all-electric vehicles.

If you have a low budget and you want to order Tesla Model 3 for cheap you obviously have to go with the Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive the Standard Rang Plus.

And of course, if you want the best top of the line. And if you have a need for speed, and you want the quickest. You got to go with the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance. It will not give you just the crazy 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, and long-range battery as well. But it has some other features like 20″ Performance Wheels and Brakes, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, and Performance Pedals as well that it comes included.

2.2. Tesla Model 3 Exterior Paint and Wheels

When it comes to painting Pearl White Multi-Coat is included on all Model 3 right now. If you want any other color besides Pearl White Multi-Coat you’re going to have to pay at least $1000 for Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic. And the Red Multi-Coat it now cost $2,000.

To sum-up, any other color besides Pearl White Multi-Coat is going to cost you a little bit more money.

Tesla Model 3 Color and Wheels options
Screenshot from

The Tesla Model 3 RWD the Standard Rang Plus and The DM AWD Long Range comes with 18’’ Aero Wheels included which we highly recommend. Or you can pay $1500 extra and get 19’’ Sport Wheels.

You actually get better range with the standard 18’’ Aero Wheels.

Some people don’t like the look of it but we recommend saving $1500 and getting extra range plus you can pop those Aero Wheels off. And then reveal that a nice looking rim underneath.

Before and After pop off the stander tesla model 3 Aero Wheels
Before and After pop off the stander tesla model 3 Aero Wheels

Now, if you get the performance dual motor it automatically comes with 20-inch performance wheels.

2.3. Tesla Model 3 Interior Design and Options

When you order Tesla Model 3 right now, it comes with the black premium interior included.

If for some reason you don’t want black and you want white so extra $1000 for most premium materials, maximizing comfort and aesthetics while maintaining the rigorous standards for durability and stain resistance.

Both option it has:

  • 12-way power-adjustable front and rear heated seats
  • Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound
  • Premium Connectivity (1 year included):
    • Satellite maps with live traffic visualization
    • In-car internet streaming music and media
    • More frequent over-the-air updates via cellular
    • Internet browser
  • Music and media over Bluetooth®
  • LED fog lamps
  • Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
  • Auto-dimming, power-folding, heated side mirrors
  • Custom driver profiles
  • Center console with storage, 4 USB ports, and docking for 2 smartphones
  • Interior floor mats

2.4. Autopilot

Now you have to choose whether you want to purchase enhanced Autopilot right now or not. If you purchase it right now it costs $7,000.

Autopilot it’s Tesla’s partial self-driving feature. It’s partial automation for your vehicle. Tesla Autopilot will:

  • Keep you in the lanes.
  • Keep the distance between you and the car ahead.
  • Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
  • Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.
  • Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
  • Summon: your parked car will come to find you anywhere in a parking lot.

It’s up to you, but we recommend getting enhanced autopilot when you’re ordering. Autowise it may cost you extra money when you decide to get enhanced autopilot after delivery.

Full Self-Driving from Tesla youtube Chanel

2.5. Payment

This section is where you can put down your payment information and chose to pay cash, lease, or loan. Once you place your order to buy Tesla Model 3, that’s when the waiting game begins.

It gives you an estimated livery date. But it totally depends on your location and what kind of car you configured.

3. EV Tax Credit and Tips

The first thing you need to know is if there’s still a federal tax credit available by the time you order make sure you qualify for it. Check to know more about the tax credit for Tesla and how to be eligible for it.

The second thing you should do before you order Tesla Model 3 is to check if your state has any rebates or credits for purchasing an electric vehicle in this link

The third thing is to get multiple quotes for insurance, even though Tesla Model 3 is the safest car ever tested by the US government. The insurance is still expensive for most people. So shop around and get the best quote.

4. Preparing for Delivery

So let’s say you’ve ordered a Tesla Model 3 and now you’re preparing for delivery. These are the things to consider when preparing for delivery Tesla Model 3:

  • Check your Tesla account just make sure you pay attention to when Tesla Model 3 VIN number shows up.
  • Make sure you apply for your loan the soon as possible so that you are all ready when you go and take delivery of your Tesla Model 3.

How to charge your Tesla Model 3?

When you transition from a gasoline car to a fully electric car it’s a lifestyle change. So make sure you have a place to charge Tesla Model 3 at home because you’re going to charge this pretty much every night.

The best situation is to have a garage where you can install a Tesla Model 3 charger in the garage.

If you don’t have a garage it’s still possible to charge and install a Tesla Model 3 charging spot but it’s optimal to have a garage.

If you chose the garage option you’re going to have a couple of options:

How to charge the Tesla Model 3 at home/garage?

The first option is the popular and cheapest option to install and charge tesla at home is a NEMA 1450 outlet and that’s going to give your Tesla Model 3 30 miles of range per hour.

The cost to install Tesla home charger is going to vary depending on your location. So contact the local electrician and tell them that you want to have a quote for NEMA 1450 installed in your garage. The Tesla Model 3 comes with everything that you need from the mobile connector to plug it up to that outlet.

How to charge the Tesla Model 3 with Tesla wall connector?

The second option is installing a Tesla wall connector which is a more expensive option but it does charge the Tesla Model 3 a bit faster, it gives you about 42 miles of range per hour of charge.

Tesla wall connector costs 500 dollars plus the amount to get it installed by an electrician.

It is possible to charge your Tesla Model 3 on a 110 regular outlet but it’s not feasible. This option only gives you 2 to 3 miles of range per hour of charge which is not feasible at all.

How to charge Tesla at home for the cheapest rate?

If you have to install a charging outlet check with your local power company, sometimes they offer rebates and credits for Electric Vehicle purchases and. While you’re checking, ask him if they offer off-peak rates which are times in the day -usually at night- when electricity is charged at a cheaper rate.

When I got my charging outlet installed there was a tax credit of 30% of the total installation cost which was nice.

Sometimes you have to specifically ask for off-peak, that will helped you to minimize your electricity cost when charging Tesla Model 3 at home.

The next thing to do is to take delivery of your car at your nearest Tesla service center. An this is a map shows you all Tesla Service center to choose the best for you. Once you take delivery you’re going to go there.

The delivery specialist is going to walk you through the basics of your car. You’re going to get your key card and walk you through the download of the Tesla app which controls many functions of the car.

5. Driving & Traveling

The Tesla Model 3 can be charged at home but what about when you’re on road trips? How you can charge your Tesla when you’re on road trips? Well, that is one of the biggest advantages of owning a Tesla car. So you will have access to the Tesla supercharger network all over the world.

You can check the Tesla supercharger network all over the world available on this map.

Those supercharge can charge your Tesla Model 3 extremely fast. You can get about 170 miles of range in about 30 minutes of charging on a Tesla supercharger network.

The best thing is there are over 10,000 Tesla’s superchargers worldwide and you can pretty much travel anywhere in the US without worrying about where you can charge Tesla.

You can also use apps like plug share and charge point to find public electric vehicle charging stations, it won’t be as fast as a Tesla supercharger network. However, you can use them when you don’t have access to the Tesla supercharger network.

Keep in mind that charging Tesla Model 3 at home is your least expensive option. So that’s the best way to save money.

The biggest change that you have to adjust to – when you’re going to a Tesla Model 3 or any electric vehicle – is the way the braking works.

So in all-electric vehicles when you let your foot off the accelerator the brakes actually kick in and it’s called regenerative braking. That actually feeds energy a little bit of energy back into the battery to improve your range.

Now, when you are doing highway speeds 70 miles/h, for example, you’re not going to get the estimated range. You’re going to use more range than what it estimates. That is going to use more battery faster.

6. Software & Touchscreen

Tesla is very software focus, probably the best software in any car right now, your Tesla car will get free software updates over the lifetime of the car through LTE connection built-in for that.

Here are a 9 Awesome Updates in Tesla Software Version 10.0

The premium connectivity only is costs extra it’s $99 a year but that only applies to the music streaming your car. Even if you choose not to get that premium connectivity your car will always have the LTE connection and always download software updates as they become available.

For that, your car will get a lot of updates and new features that you didn’t have when you first got it.

With the Tesla software, you can set your charging limit. Tesla suggests that you set a Tesla Model 3 charging limit at 80% when you’re charging daily for your daily driving. And only charge 100% when you need to go on a long road trip.

You can also schedule Tesla Model 3 charging too. So your Tesla will know exactly when to start charging and if you have that set rate plan for your electricity at home, you can take advantage of that lower rate if you have that option.

The trip navigation lets you type-in any address, it’ll show step-by-step directions on the screen and on the map, you can visually see where you’re.

You can use your phone as the main key using Bluetooth connection. Tesla will automatically unlock when you walk up to the car, and lock the car when you walk away from the car.

Tesla provides you to use the smartphone app to control a lot of the functionalities in your car from wherever you are because the cars constantly connected to the internet.

There’s really no turning off in the Tesla car. It pretty much stays on all the time. So when you get in it’s already on. Which is something that you’re going to used to if you’re coming from a gasoline car.

The software is dynamic and Tesla will constantly improve it and it can constantly change and get better over time and that’s the beauty of owning a Tesla.

7. Maintenance & Care

This section going to be very short because maintenance is not really needed compared to a gasoline vehicle.

The only maintenance you do on a regular basis is rotating your tires and check further windshield wiper fluid and battery coolant (you can check the manual for better understand or check Tesla website Here).

Most parts do come with a warranty such as a battery so you don’t have to worry about those parts for a while.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, the model 3 is a flat-out fantastic electric car. All-electric which is amazing you get all software features, you get comfortable new minimalist futuristic design.


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