Here’s why Tesla Cybertruck design look Stupid or Cool

So, the Tesla Cybertruck Design what a thing huh!

Let’s be clear all this internet going up in flames is not because of the numbers. it’s because of the way it looks. And we will dive deep to explain what’s up with that Tesla Cybertruck design.

It’s not weird that Elon Musk went into truck business. For decades now the best-selling car in America is a truck namely the Ford F-150. That’s where the money’s at, and Musky may need it. But the Tesla truck doesn’t look like any other truck. Why not? Well, there are 5 key reasons why Tesla Cybertruck looks stupid, and let’s go over them.

The First Key is about the American Truck Culture

Some countries have specific car cultures. Japanese have the Bosozoku, Germans are all about the wheels, and Americans for loving their trucks.

They don’t buy them only for work, but also what they represent big oversized gas guzzlers that say: “America first and screw the rest”. And Elon Musk has absolutely nothing to offer them.

Did you notice during the first presentation, that not once that they mentioned how kind it is to the environment instead they fitted it with gigantic wheels that stick out rip the environment apart? The body is cold naked metal those lines just can’t be bothered to sway and flow.

These are all the qualities of the art direction called the brutalist design. And that where the essential Tesla Cybertruck design comes from. Raw industrial shapes that don’t hug the nature but instead break it and disrupt it. It’s exactly what Lamborghini is doing well ever since the Brutalism movement with born in the 1970s.

Wouldn’t you agree that cyber truck looks a bit like a Lambo when looked at from the side?

Comparison between Cybertruck and a Lamborghini design
Comparison between Lamborghini and a Cybertruck design, Credit:

But looking brutal is only a requirement, it’s only a start. If Tesla wanted to really stand out it needed something more, something called cyberpunk.

So, the second Key is the Cyberpunk

This is another art direction Tesla is using for this car. It’s one of the dystopian lowlife hi-tech future.

You could say that Cybertruck is the only car that thinks differently and that’s its main strength. Truck owners are notoriously old-school so if you try and sell them another same-ish car you’ll stay loyal to their old brand. In fact, a study revealed that over 60% of F-150 owners buy Ford over and over again, never even considering another truck.

But Tesla Cybertruck is completely different and that opens the door to a brand new bunch of potential buyers.

If you like the Cyberpunk style you’ll like this Tesla truck – No matter if you’re interested in trucks at all -. It is this unique dose of dystopian future that makes Tesla Cybertrucks so cool in desirable a fact that quickly translates into 150,000 pre-orders on the very first day.

Still looking like it came from a cool dystopian future it’s just a happy accident that Tesla decided to go along with and the cause of that happy accident is:

The Third key: Exoskeleton

Unlike most trucks that have a body sitting on top of a frame. Tesla decided to turn the body into a structural frame itself. Something that acts as a shell.

Comparison between  a normal truck frame structure and a Cybertruck frame structure
Comparison between a normal truck frame structure and a Cybertruck frame structure, Credit:

An exoskeleton into which all the other parts are screwed in this gives it much more room inside for the occupants, batteries, …

But it also poses a problem when the body just crumbles under its own weight without a bottom frame to support it.

Turns out “No”. Because that body is made of the ultra-hard 30X Steel which was specifically designed for the use in SpaceX Rockets. This alloy is so tough and rigid a sledgehammer won’t make a dent in it and it will even stop a bullet.

It’s more, it will also break a stamping machine the usual way to make car panels is to stamp them in the shape. But since this is impossible with the cyber truck they had to resort to a different very expensive method.

Key Number Four is the Price

Since you can’t stamp this rocket metal, the only way to shape the panel’s is to cut deep grooves in those steel sheets and Bend around them. But it still a very long and expensive process.

So, if you wanted to make an affordable truck you better limit the number of those lines to a minimum. That’s why the Tesla Cybertruck design is so minimalistic it’s the affordability ($39,900) that made Cybertruck look like of 1990 Tomb Raider’s chest. Sure Tesla could have added more lines to it but if you want your chest to look like this it’s gonna cost you.

 Comparison between Tomb Raider 1990 and the latest one
Comparison between Tomb Raider 1990 and the latest one, Credit:

There’s the last piece of the puzzle that leads us to:

The Fifth Key: The Shock Marketing

You see if Cybertruck looked like a regular truck it would just look like a truck.

And what exactly is exciting about. That this way it looks like nothing else on the road and that ignited the internet in ablaze. So, Half of the people liked it while the other half hated it, the debate started, comments flying left and right, memes were made and shared among friends.

This is the greatest gift Tesla could possibly get. The message of a weird new car was spreading like wildfire. And it was all thanks to its controversial design.

Now compare that to the launch event of Tesla Model Y everyone agreed is nothing but a taller model 3.

All tied in a perfect way, because Tesla wanted better use of the space they made a strong exoskeleton that was very expensive to shape but to embrace this limitation and instead created a unique cyberpunk looking truck that’s just as brutal as any other truck on the road.

And then the internet did what it does best every time something is out of the norm. It spreads the news like Charlie Sheen spreads the disease.

If you think Cybertruck is ugly. At least now you know it had a good reason for it.

I hope you guys found this tesla Cybertruck design explained usefully and answer your questions.



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