Best 3 Summon Auto Park Feature Use Cases

Summon Auto Park or Auto Park Summon is really an understated feature for Tesla. When people talk about Tesla they usually focus on auto parts the in-car driver assistance features or summon the remote feature to bring their car to you.

Tesla recently announced the Tesla Software Version 10.04, which comes with 9 Awesome Updates. check them here: 9 Awesome Updates in Tesla Software Version 10.0

However, Summon Auto Park is an amalgam of both of those features allowing you to remotely auto park your car.

All you need to do is:

  • 1. Design your car up to where you want to park it.
  • 2. Double-tap the park button at the end of the gear selector.
  • 3. Specify which direction you want the car to go into forward or backward.

From there, you simply exit the vehicle close our doors and watch the magic happen:

Let’s dig deep and take a close look at some of the best use cases for Summon auto park:

1. Summon Auto Park: Tight Parking Spaces:

Everyone in the crowd a parking lot and see one spot open but you might not fit. meaning that if you’ve managed to park the car either you or your passengers will just squeeze out the car to get up.

That’s where a Summon Autopark can be used to get your car in while avoiding having to squeeze or avoiding you potentially being a door against the neighboring car.

the prerequisites for this at there parking spot that you’re looking for have to have a car close the left and right of it and a car or object behind where you’ll park.

The first thing you need to do is to configure the Tight parking Spaces option within the Summon Autopark customization.

Once done all you need to do is line the car up and initiate the Summon huddle Park let the car do the rest.

And when it’s time to go just use the normal Summon feature from your Tesla App and get the car out of the spot jump in and go.


The only warning here is that you want to use your discretion in parking in tight public spaces with the neighboring drivers may leave before you and potentially ding or scratch your car while trying to get in there so be careful about.

This case can be very helpful for handicap peoples, they can get out of the car easily then park it.

2. Summon Auto Park: Attached Garages:

Do you have a tight garage either one car or multi-car garage with other cars in it or baby stuff in it that makes it difficult for you to get in and out of your car while your car’s in the garage?

When Summon Auto Park  Attached Garages dealing with this situation the primary requirement is that the path to your garage is not on a steep incline or decline.

Summon Auto Park will not work if the incline or decline is beyond a certain threshold of steepness.

Assuming that that’s not the issue for your driveway, then you want to turn on the home link option, allowing some internal park to open and close your garage door.

3. Summon Auto Park: Detached Garages:

This use case is detached garages to find yourself dropping your family off or even groceries once you get to the house and then having to go back out and park the car in your detached garage.

Well for this use case in addition to making sure that your driveway needs the steepness recline based there’s also another requirement that your driveway needs to be a straight path no turns or bends allowed right now with the current of Summon Auto Park, that should be available with Summon Auto Park plus.

If you’ve met those requirements and your driveway or just giving you a detached garage is in a straight path from your house you’ll also want to ensure that the back wall of your garage is no farther than 40 feet away from the house.

Ensure that the distance is set in the options within the Summon Auto Park customizer. This is the use case where you definitely want to turn off the auto Home Link on approach and simply let the Summon feature to deal with the homework.

In Conclusion:

This has got a very viable feature I don’t know any other car that does that.

I know a lot of people might say oh there are certain cars to do it I would love to see any other car or hear about any other car that has this feature right now it’s being mass-produced.


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