9 Awesome Updates in Tesla Software Version 10.0

Tesla's Biggest Software Update Ever!

For all your Tesla owners out there you know that having a Tesla is a gift that keeps on giving and Tesla just announced Tesla Software Version 10.04 for their cars. So today we want to talk about what the software update will include? what you can expect from your car? and how all these amazing over their updates have really changed the way people view cars?

All right so Tesla software version 10 data come out on September 26th in 2019, and we wanted to quickly run down all the cool things that it’s going to add to all the owners out there of Tesla cars and also what any future owners can expect from their current version.

1. Tesla Theater

This is going to be included in all Tesla cars from the Model S X and 3. And it will connect to your Netflix, your Hulu, your Hulu Plus, and you can watch all those streaming services while your car is parked right on that big old screen.

You can tell Tesla really cares about China and their Chinese customers because they’re also including iQiyi or Tencent video streaming services. And of course, you can always watch those Tesla tutorial videos on getting every last bit out of your Tesla cars.

2. Smart Summon

This is probably one of the most exciting things so for customers who purchased the full self-driving or the enhanced autopilot. So with Smart Summon, you can now Summon your car to come to where you are or a destination that you can pick and as long as you are within line of sight of the car it will drive itself over to you. And you can imagine if you have children or it’s raining or you have your hands full with groceries this is a really great feature to let your car come right over to you.

But it is one of those cool features that you’ve probably lived without but once you have and you start using I’m sure you’ll have a hard time living without and of course as the owner of the car you are still responsible for the car and safe operation while it’s in summoning mode.

3. The next big feature is what they’re calling Car-aoke

This is a fun feature that I think you could really enjoy on long road trips there is a massive library of songs and lyrics. I believe even while it’s driving since it’s really for the passengers as well and should make those long road trips just that much funnier.

 4. Tesla Software Version 10 comes with Restaurants & Destinations

In this Tesla Software Version 10, you’ve always had the great points of interest catalog on your maps and Tesla app. But now you have two special modes which are “I’m feeling lucky” like they have on Google searches and also “I’m feeling hungry” and what that will do is make a list of cool places that you can check out within the current range of your vehicle and where you are and kind of give you an adventure of finding new places that you might not have been to before.

Tesla says that it might take you to a hole in the wall or a fancy new modern trendy place and who doesn’t want to just sit back sometimes and let your car pick what you want to eat answer that invariable question of “where should we go tonight?”

The Maps app has also been improved here intend ATO to better-categorized search results based on distance from where you are. That’ll help if you’re looking for a gas station or a restaurant and if it’s more important that it’s close to you rather than exactly a specific kind.

5. Up next is the Music & Podcast

This is interesting, this is actually the number one most requested feature from Tesla owners and it shows you just how much Tesla really is listening to the owners. That is Spotify Premium access in your Tesla now this is an addition to slacker radio and tune in which they’ve already supported but now if you have a Spotify Premium account you can now listen to all those Tunes right in your car.

This will probably be the number one biggest standout feature for Tesla owners especially because it was so highly requested.

Good job Tesla for taking that feedback from owners and continuing to deliver on all these great things even after a customer has purchased the car.

This really is one of the innovative ways that Tesla’s really changing the game and taking cars from this thing that never get better after you buy it to this thing that people expect updates and new features just like their smartphone.

And again showing that focus for China they are bringing Ximalaya which is a podcast and audiobook app in China. So that should be well appreciated.

6. Next up is Tesla Arcade

So if it wasn’t enough, Tesla Software Version 10 provide you the ability to listen to music, watch TV shows, Netflix, and Hulu, in your car while you’re parked. You’ve even got video games and one of the big new additions is Cuphead from Studio MVHR.

Cuphead is a fun run and gun action game where you explore new worlds find new weapons and discover all those fun little secrets.

And with Tesla’s support for USB controllers you can easily pick up and play these games either in single-player mode or co-op right in your car without having to pack a game console or anything else.

7. Tesla Software Version 10 also have Security & Convenience

This is one of the categories we think Tesla is really running away with the market and just showing how much thought they put into some of these features. For one they have better USB file storage management for their dashcams and sentry mode.

So if your car is recording video of what’s happening in front of you otherwise are driving or parked those video clips will now be recorded to a special folder to make managing it easier finding it easier and if space is running out older videos will be deleted automatically to make room for the new ones now.

This one I think is really interesting as a father there’s times when my son is asleep and that is a precious thing when your kids are actually asleep and when you open the doors in a car the lights are really bright and the door chime goes off and all these distractions might just be enough to wake them up.

8. So Tesla is introducing “Joe Mode”

Where it’ll actually bring down the noise level of all the different door chimes or different audible alert systems in the car that way it doesn’t distract either a sleeping passenger or a child who’s asleep in their car seat.

You can even do more with Tesla Software Version 10. Your Tesla app on your smartphone including opening and closing your garage door using the home link. You can defrost the windows and the cabin remotely. And on the model 3 and the Model X you can even control all the windows for all the doors from your smart app that’s pretty cool.

9. Streaming Media & Browser Support

In general, they’re bringing the full browser to all model 3 so you can stream or do anything you want over Wi-Fi for all your test owners out there.

Tesla has done it’s often been said that Tesla is a technology company not a car company and it’s never more apparent than it is when they do this sort of thing where they deliver over-the-air features to make owning a Tesla and driving one even better.

The entire rest of the industry really feels like it is playing catch up. I just love to see that Tesla really listens to all its customers and is delivering on all these frequently requested features like Spotify Premium so it’s super exciting.

So what’s your favorite part about 10.0 or what’s your favorite Tesla car feature, in general, there’s probably so many that I’ve never even heard of yet if there’s a favorite that you have please let us know in the comments section below.



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