5 Things To Know About Tesla Model Y

After many teasers the model Y has finally been unveiled, Tesla’s S3XY lineup is now complete and here’s everything you need to know about the brand-new electric crossover SUV.

1. Tesla Model Y / Tesla Model 3

Deference between Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

The model Y is very similar to the model 3 in fact 75% of the parts between these cars will be shared parts like the headlights, door handles, dashboard and front seats look very similar if not the same. In terms of differences the model Y about 10% bigger, slightly taller rides, higher off the ground and has a different backside.

Model Y is also a hatchback. Other details include different wheels, black matte instead of chrome, some black trimming around the wheels.

But the biggest difference is what must be the best panoramic roof by Tesla yet with a no B pillar or Falcon wing doors obstructing your view of the sky. It looks much cleaner and from the back seats look great.

2. Third-row seats

Interior view of Tesla electric car model Y with 5 seats
Interior view of the Tesla Model Y

Just like the Model X, Tesla Model Y will also have the third row. This is a much smaller car though, so it might be a tight fit in the back, it’s probably meant for children.

But on stage 7 adults did walk out of the Tesla, this is a pretty big advantage most other cars in this class have five seats and this includes cars such as the Honda CRV, Toyota rav4, Acura RDX, BMW x3, Lexus and X and others.

Most Third row seats and SUVs take a lot of room from the rear cargo storage. But since the model Y has a front. This gives it a nice advantage over other SUVs with three rows.

3. Range

Elon Musk present Blue, Gray, Red and white Tesla electric car Model Y

Depending on the drivetrain and battery range will be between 230 and 300 miles. The standard range on Tesla Model Y will have 230 miles of range. Which is 10 miles more than the standard range models 3.

The long-range to go drive will give you a very impressive 300 miles of range. But if you opt-in for the more expensive dual-motor option range will be 280 miles.

300 miles of range puts the model Y in a class of its own. Companies such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi and BMW all have electric crossover vehicles the works. But none of them will be anywhere near this kind of range, plus they’re also a lot more expensive.

The best competitor to the Tesla Model Y from just a cost perspective will probably be the Hyundai Kona Evy which has 260 miles of range and a starting price of 36500 dollars.

4. Pricing

Tesla model Y Short Range, Long Range, Long Range Dual-Motor and Long Range Performance prices

The Tesla Model Y starts at 39 000 dollars for the base trim and can go as high as 74 500 dollars for the performance package with all add-ons. That means red paint, white interior, third-row seats, and autopilot plus full self-driving software.

The long-range model Y starts at 74,000 dollars, the dual-motor starts at 51 000 dollars, and the performance starts at 60,000 dollars.

Just like the model 3, the only things included in the price are:

  • Black paint, black interior, and arrow wheels.
  • White, blue, gray, and red paint add between 1500 and 2500 dollars. The white interior is $1,000.
  • The third-row seat is an extra $3,000.
  • Sport wheels are $1500.
  • If you don’t get the Performance Package autopilot is $3,000 and full self-driving is 5,000 dollars.

5. Tesla Model Y Lineup

Tesla Model Y lineup Short Range, Long Range, Long Range Dual-Motor and Long Range Performance

As of right now, there are four different trims I say as of right now because nobody was expecting Tesla to introduce the mid-range or standard range plus model three. Since the $39,000 Models 3 won’t be available until spring 2021. I think anything can happen between now and then.

This performance SUV can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. That’s faster than a BMW M3 or Porsche 911 GT3. But of course, those cars are more than just acceleration.

If you do want a fast SUV there’s always that Jeep Grand Cherokee track Hawk which also does 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. However, with a combined fuel economy of just 13 miles per gallon, you will need 21 gallons of the field to match the 280 mile range of the performer since Tesla model Y.

Well, what do you guys think about Tesla model Y I’m sure I missed a few things so let me know in the comments below.


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